Homegrown Cyclocross

CCORC has been the driving force of the Woodward Cyclocross series since its inception. We are non-profit organization that works to ensure trail access and to promote sustainable trail access for off-road bicyclists. In other words, we are all about riding in the dirt! As far as we are concerned, the only thing better than a bike race is an off-road bike race. We are excited you will join us for the Homegrown Series. Feel good while having fun in the mud knowing that all proceeds go towards trail work and advocacy.

When the good folks at CCORC learned that the Woodward Cyclocross series was taking a hiatus in 2008 we wanted to keep it alive. Hosting local cyclocross racing has been a great honor and privilege for us at CCORC and we are crunked to be back again in 2013!

So come out and race those bikes while supporting your favorite trail access defenders (CCORC). This Series is our primary fundraiser; all proceeds go directly to trail access and maintenance activities.

For 2014 Homegrown Details Please Click Here


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